Looking up court records in Indianapolis

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Is there somewhere that I can look up Marion county court record information online when screening tenants?  I would like to see if they have lawsuits filed against them or if they have filed lawsuits against landlords in the past.  Also would like to know if they have criminal history.  I have never had issues but I wanted to see if I could have a more thorough screening process.

My screening service can conduct this for me at a fee but I was wondering if I could perform a quick lookup as well.


You can look up the Chronological Case Summary (CCS) on mycase.in.gov as part of the Odyssey Case Management System. You can search criminal/citation cases records, as well as civil/family/probate cases. 

Not all Indiana counties report into Odyssey, but Marion County does. You can search by case number, party name, and attorney.

Hope this helps. 

Does DoxPop work? I use it for NE Indiana and always select "all doxpop counties" when searching but I've never had a reason to confirm if Marion is on their list.

@Jynell Berkshire  

 - Thank you for the info.  The site will provide me a wealth of information for screening.

Yes, DoxPop also should work. This is another service provider, other than Odyssey.

Great question Brandon.

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