Homestead exemption

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@Joshua Pfaff  No. And if/when you get caught, they will throw in tons of fines.  My dad thought he would be smart and homestead a rental, got caught and basically paid double the homestead exemption in fines and back taxed.

thank you so much for letting me know, how can I make sure that the Homestead doesnt go through? They sent me the forms for it earlier this year and I dont know how to cancel it. When it is tax season to I just make sure to not include it on my tax return form?

This has nothing to do with your income taxes or tax return. It is a reduced rate for Orooerty taxes from your local county/city taxing authority. Just call them, tell them you to correct it....they will tell you how. 

Yea I'm in Fort Bend and our CAD (central appraisal district) was super helpful when helping me understand everything. They should be able to quickly help you walk it back and re-assess. Give your county CAD a call.  I haven't been here long but I was told the homestead is strictly for your primary residence only and you needed to be in the house by January 1 of the year.

P.S. - just noticed this post was from years ago but I'll leave this here just in case it can help someone in the future. So @Tuan Nguyen I believe the answer to your question will be no you cannot apply it to that 2nd home. As I said above call and verify to be sure.