Multiple Tenants under 1 residents

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Are there any software platforms out there that allow multiple tenants for a single property (think college kids apartment sharing) to pay separately.  

If you are a landlord or have had experience in this arena, can you tell me you about it?  Did you collect from a single tenant who collected from his sub-tenents?  Did you collect from each of them individually?  Did you have each of them sign a lease?  Did you do any of this online?  

Thanks for your input.

Ya put on your referee hat.

What's your criteria of occupancy for your size apartment. 

 If you have 2 person limit,  you limit occupancy to 2 people on the lease, and remember a child is an occupant and some renters will challange you on this.. obviously a person under 18 doesn't sign the lease but is listed as occupant.

You should have screened each applicant and made sure each qualifies for your rental per your rental criteria. like income, rental history,... 

Your lease should make it clear that all tenants are equally responsible to make sure the rent is paid by date due. 

Equally responsible for late fees ect.

So all you need to do is take the money, you don't care how much one pays verses the other, they make that arrangement among themselves. 

If you don't have full rent payment by the 3rd or whatever your date is, you send a late rent notice to all tenants listed living in apartment on one notice. 

Check with your state for land lord tenant regulations and get familiar with your state guidelines.

IMO, one apt has one lease.  ALL non-married parties sign the lease.

YOU accept one check from whomever - - let them fuss about it.

Last thing you what is partial payment from say 3 of the 4 and the fourth is always late or even refuses to pay.

My lease says "In no case will partial payments be accepted".

I'm a huge tech fan and use rentigo mainly for rent collection but their software has the ability to add multiple tenants in a single unit and bill each one separately (including misc. fees etc) so you should check them out. 

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