Burlington Township NJ Rents

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Hello BP community. Hopefully I can get some help here. I'm looking at a 4BR/2.5BA home this weekend in Burlington Twp, NJ. I can't seem to gather any information on rent comparables. Can anyone suggest any places to get this information? Or if anyone knows what a house like this should rent for in Burlington Twp, please let me know. It's a SFH ~2000 sq ft


Check rentometer.com, also look on zillow and craigslist to see what they have listed. 

Thanks @Justin Fraser    I should've stated that I tried those resources but did not get good results.  I'll keep plugging though!

@John S Lewis if there's nothing else that you can find on the market for rent that is even close to comparable, then it may be tough to rent out when you own it. One other option is to find a realtor who has MLS access in that town and ask them to run rent comps off the MLS.

I don't know that area- but for maybe an extreme example- if the majority of the town is full of 1 and 2 bedroom apartments for rent, then you'll have a much harder time finding the one tenant that wants to be in the 4 bed house among all the apartments. 

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