Tenant storing household/personal items in front yard

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I just did a drive by today and noticed my tenant is storing an excessive amount of household items in the yard, including indoor furniture.  It looks like a potential hoarding problem and I'd like to address it asap.  I am unable to find a sample clean up letter so I'm looking for advice on how to write up a letter. 

Add something similar to this to your lease:

The Tenant covenants that he/she will not allow refuse, garbage or other loose or objectionable material to accumulate in or about the house and/or yard of the said properties and will at all times keep the said premises in clean and wholesome condition.

At that point it becomes a fairly generic notice of breach, detailing section number, timeline to remedy, & consequences if non-compliant.

Your town likely has a bylaw prevention refuse / storage in front yard. If your lease is currently lacking reference the bylaw for now.

@Heidi M. Definitely put something in writing and refer to your lease agreement if you have to. In the future, if it's not in there you may have to address it in future agreements. Good luck! 

Most leases have a must keep property clean and free of trash etc. clause. You need to send a letter stating they are in violation of Section 1.bla of lease and they have X days to rectify the problem 

It’s usually named resolve or quit / cure or quit. 

You have the right as the owner of the property to send notice to properly maintain the property. My guess is that you have not been doing regular/quarterly property inspections. Depending on your lease renewal date you may simply choose to non renew the lease and get rid of the eprroblem tenants. 

If you have not maintained the property you will find the inside is a thousand times worse than th eoutside.

You don't need anything fancy.

Dear Tenant,

I drove by the property yesterday and noticed a large amount of personal items stored in the yard. You have a responsibility to me and the neighbors to maintain a neat appearance.

I hereby require you to remove all personal items from the yard and store them inside the home or out of site. I will stop by in three days to inspect the property, inside and out.

Keep it short and professional. Set a deadline. Follow through with inspection. Know what your next step is if they refuse to comply and be prepared to implement it immediately.

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