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I'm currently using for tenant screening and rent collection. Like others have mentioned, there are other sites that provides similar services, but Cozy definitely satisfies my needs as an investor with just a few properties. Tenants have not had any issues logging into Cozy to submit applications or to pay rent, as the interface is easy to use. I highly recommend it.

Cozy user here, for rent collection, application processing, credit /background checks, and meintenance requests. My favorite part is their very personal customer service. Since they're still a smaller company, they haven't outsourced customer service yet. When I contacted them about a tech support issue, they responded quickly and took care of my question. They also responded to me when I suggested they build an app interface. FYI, they are not planning to... but will instead focus on maintaining a mobile friendly website. 

I would Highly recommend for rent collection services. They have many other features which I’m not as familiar with but their rent collection is free. It takes 5 or so days for the money to deposit but there’s an option to pay a fee to get it faster.

Also very easy to setup for both you and your tenants...I think having an unbiased third party collection service, like cozy, is the best way to collect rent. I’ve noticed a sharp decline in late payments & defaults once you put them on ‘Autopilot’ mode. You never get the hassle of someone being uncomfortable giving their banking info for a direct deposit service either.

They can’t see your info, you can’t see their info. It’s a no brainer.

We like COZY as well - it looks beautiful, easy setup, does a few important things, making our life easier. I used it from my Mobile Phone - looks normal. You could attach picture of the property, the Lease, manage account balance easy, add/remove fees, and tenant may use the Credit Card for rent payment if they have emergency (Cozy will charge them some fee).

@Willard Blair

I use cozy and like it a lot. My tenants also love it for ease of use. They can setup direct deposit, and submit documents like renters insurance virtually if that's something you require. As a landlord you can add automatic late fees and utility charges as well. Would def recommend for a free, simple app. Payments do take 6 days to be deposited to your account unless you pay for expedited service.

@Willard Blair I started to use cozy when I got started a little over a year ago and now I manage 7 tenants on cozy. I have never had an issue. They have no phone support but there emails support is above average. I use it for payments, marketing, background and credit checks as well as maintenance request, expense tracking and rent payments. I recently inherited

two older not tec savvy tenants and they were able to make the change from dropping checks off with their prior landlord to using cozy with no issues. I definitely recommend!

The only problem i faced with cozy is that you cannot disable partial payments and payments made via credit card. My tenants which are being evicted right now have caused both of these issues. They would send a partial payment with a note as if they are running the show. Secondly, they made a payment with credit card which was later on charged back so i ended up with no money for 2 months. If cozy allows landlords to turn on/off these 2 features then its the best service out there for free.

@Willard Blair I've been using Cozy for almost three years now and I absolutely love it. I only use the rent collection and maintenance request features right now. Like others have said, it takes about 7 days for payments to hit your bank account. Tenants can also set up automatic payments if both parties are comfortable with that.

@Connie Chan

I actually had a new tenant ask for cozy because they have an easy payment system, I use

They have a state specific contract app, application process tools and lots of management tools that are vetted for legality for your state before being offered.

Good luck!

@Willard Blair

Most features have been touched on already....I also use the document management and upload key document like my state landlord handbook, signed lease and damage deposit and any other key documents required by law. I find this very helpful to stay organized and ensure that both me and my tenants have the same documents and everything is time stamped in case there is every disputes.

I also use hellosign (like docusign) for all

My corespondent with the tenants that need signatures. It is very convenient, professional and also time stamps everything.

Between these two tools I have very Efficient management process.

@Clark Harris

I wish they had mobile app as well...but I found their website to be very mobile friendly so I just put a bookmark app on my phone of their site and it almost behaves as if they have a app

Is there any other benefits of Tellus over cozy?

@Randy Bloch yup, it has a few other features. Of course I mostly use the rent collection and rent notifications and financial reports. But there’s also other features like receipt tracking, documented tenant chats, and free listings and tenant screenings. I haven’t used the listings service yet but it covers all the major sites. My favorite part though is the multi user support. You can add property managers or co-owners (I set my husband and mom as co-owner) and this way you can all access and manage the rental together. If mom goes to Home Depot she can log a receipt and I can see it on my end and edit however needed. Kind of like Google docs for property management!

I have been using Cozy for rent collection. So far I have been pleased.  I would like to try Tellus on my next rental.  Still looking for a good background screening company....