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@Willard Blair is a great site to place tenants and collect tent. Cozy has its own pre-made application and background/credit check software and it is very simple to use. Highly recommend

I use it for the rent payment only. Have not had any issues yet. It is free and takes 5-7 days for the $ to hit your acct. You can pay a fee to get your $ faster but I don't bother as my finances are not that tight. I would recommend.

I use it collect rent only (I use SmartMove for background/credit check). So far no problems with it, as said above it takes a full week to see a deposit. If they pay by other methods you can simply log on and enter it manually as an ‘offline payment’.

@Ricardo L Knight I have used property management companies on my previous house, (no horror stories) but for my next house I would like to self manage and Cozy seems to have all the tools to really help. Thanks for letting me know they are legit, which I think is my biggest concern.

@Willard Blair Cozy is a great service. As someone else said, you have to wait for your money 5-7 days, but it’s free. You can see payments in progress as well so you know that your tenants are paying you on time.

I love Cozy and use it for background checks, collecting rent, as well as maintenance requests to and from my tenants. The tenants love the convenience of having the rent direct withdrawn from their checking and that it helps their credit score.  Highly recommend!   

I use Cozy for rent payments and applications. Rent payments are smooth. Tenants can schedule or pay as they go. Roommates can split rent and each pay half. I can add move in or late fees. I like the way they manage credit reports. The tenant pays for it and "requests" the report, then shares it with me, rather than me pulling it. That means it does not hit their credit as an inquiry. It also means they see the report before they share it with me. So they know how bad (or good) the report will look. Also since the tenant is sharing, I am not bound by the same rules around rejecting tenants based on credit report.

Cozy looks the best by far. I also hear is good too. Avail is free for the most part, and has a little more features than Cozy, although avail's pricing is different. They charge by unit. Check them out! 

Originally posted by @Braden Anderson :

@Willard Blair, I use it to collect rent for one of my properties. I use “” to collect rent for my other. I like both, but I like better, as they get the money to my bank faster than Cozy

 What is the main differences? 

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