Complaints to the City

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I am a newbie and I am about a week away from having the leased signed on our first property. We did a good amount of work to get the property looking nice and hopefully problem free when the tenant moves in.

This weekend I went to the property to get some final items completed and mow the grass only to find a notice from the township. Apparently someone called and complained which had the township come out to inspect. I have straightened it out with the township and they were very easy to deal with.

While it could be a nosy neighbor, I suspect it might be a disgruntled applicant given the timing. Do I chalk this up to cost of doing business or are there strategies/techniques to avoid or mitigate this type of nuisance?

What was the complain for? High grass? 

I would chalk it up to the cost of doing business.

Once you have someone move in to take care of the property hopefully their will be no more complaints

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@John Underwood. The grass was my first thought. I have it cut every 2 weeks, but given all the rain it hasn’t taken long to grow.

Supposedly they were claiming I was doing unpermited work like installing A/C (the house doesn’t have AC).

We have a crazy neighbor at one of our properties.  Shortly after we bought the property, my husband was out there doing yard work and this neighbor came over and started screaming incoherently about wanting us to take one of our backyard trees down.  Neither the roots nor the branches encroach on his property at all and my H was trying to understand why he wanted this tree down, but the guy either wouldn't tell him or couldn't tell him because (we think) there might be mental illness going on.

Then the guy starts threatening that we better take the tree down or he'll call the city inspector because he "knows what they did to that house".  My husband asks what he is talking about.  The guy just keeps repeating smugly, "Oh, you know!  You know!"  My husband points out we just bought the property and "No, we don't know, is there something we should know about the house?"  But the guy just keeps repeating that "we know" and he's going to report us to the city.  Okay, crazy man, enjoy the day.

We did have a city inspector come out about 1-2 weeks later for a surprise visit, lol.  Thankfully, my husband happened to be at the property that day.  The inspector couldn't give specific details about who had called and for what.  But without quite saying the word "nuisance" he said they had a nuisance call from a "frequent flyer" neighbor who lived in the area.  He said, since a call was made, he just needed to walk around the perimeter and make sure there was nothing obviously amiss.

A few years later for that same property, we decided to put in a new kitchen when the tenant left.  I got a letter a few days later that there had been a complaint and we had 30 days to pick up the trash in the front yard and driveway.  It was dated on literally the SAME day we had started our rehab!  I know it was that neighbor.  Some people are like that.  Happiest in their complaining and misery.