Closing cost in Ga on a 100k house

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Originally posted by @Nathan G. :

0.5% - 5% of the purchase price.

There are too many variables involved to answer your question. In my market, 1% of the purchase price is a pretty good guesstimate but that changes with the type of loan.


It'll be closer to the 5% on a small purchase, closer to the low end of that range on a $1m purchase.

They don't scale up and down in a proportional linear fashion. 

Notary fee might be $150 on a $100k house and $150 on a $1m house. 

Title search might be $800 on a $100k home, and $1000 on a $1m house. 0.8% v 0.1% difference.

A given lender might have a flat $995 fee no matter the price. But again that translates into 1% of the $100k home, or 0.1% of the $1m home.