Washer dryer hookups

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Im buying my first duplex. It has washer and dryer hook ups. Would it be customary to provide machines or have the tenant bring their own? I suppose it could go either way with the machines being provided adding value thus adding rental income.

Thoughts, concerns?

I would say provide the hookups and let them bring their own machines.  Tenants abuse washers/dryers by overloading them and not cleaning lint traps.  This will also be more items you have to worry about maintenance on.  

Now, if you get a tri-plex or bigger, I would get a couple of coin operated machines in a common area like a basement.  The coin income will help to cover the added maintenance cost and headache.

@Ken Vogel , you absolutely provide. What if the tenant decides to stay 1 year and at the end of the term they decide to take washer/dryer with them? Just banging around the walls and scratches along are not worth your time. 

Tenants can abuse washers/dryers all they want. That is what they are made for and that is part of the maintenance cost that you have to account for. In all of my properties appliances are all provided by me. If you decide against it, I would guess a lot of good qualified tenants will probably walk away once you tell them they have to bring their own washer/dryer. Take the hit of the cost and use it as an advertising tool to say brand new washer/dryer in the unit. 

I never ever provide washer and dryers. It is just something else that you will be expected to maintain and repair when they break.

@Ken Vogel we provide them in our duplexes and have a laundry room in our 12 unit. That way we know they are hooked up properly and are well maintained. With the modern washers put up a sign 'use Pods or 1-2 tablespoons of detergent per load.' 

All of my tenants have had their own washer and dryer and landlords do not typically provide these around my area.

I even had one tenant who wanted to bring their own stove and fridge, so I moved mine out into another unit.

@Ken Vogel are you paying for utilities or your tenants? If you are, you should charge for laundry use. 

I use these coin operated conversion boxes. You can buy an ordinary household laundry and hook them up to these conversion boxes. Boxes works on any brand of appliance.  I have been using these for 2 years now with no issues whatsoever.



I'm going through this right now! Had a Tenant say they wouldn't be staying because their roommate who originally had the W/D was leaving and I wouldn't provide them another set.I suspect this isn't  the only reason, of course, but it was one of the stated reasons. The house is set up to accommodate stackable OR side by side so anyone can bring their existing W/D. I COULD go buy a set for $250 and put it in there, but I think it's just another thing the tenant begins to take for granted and expect me to fix or replace when it inevitably breaks. Give a mouse a cookie, right?