Emotional Support Animal...that's a Pit Bull Mix

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Originally posted by @Justin R. :

@Nathan G. I made a denial under this same pretense that changing insurance companies was not a reasonable accommodation.

I was meet with a letter from the prospective tenants attorney and fair housing within 24 hours. Yes, unfortunately they can expect you to find an insurance carrier that covers pit bulls, which is what I had to do after getting my own legal counsel.

Sad to be said, but landlords hands are tired whenever we are dealing with ES animals.

 There was also federal guidance given that if changing insurance was not a good business decision, financially significant, it is an acceptable reason to say no.  So if you have one house, yep, you may need to change insurance.  But in cases like me, I have several houses and both personal and commercial liability insurances which only work for property if they also cover that property.  So, it is NOT reasonable to have to get double liability insurance with different carriers and different carriers for each property based on their animals.  So, as an alternative I let them choose to get the liability coverage for their animal that covers me.

Its the same as someone with a wheelchair, if they want to have a ramp into your house, they have to pay for it and pay to remove it and restore the property when they leave.  You have to accommodate them, but they pay for the extra cost of the accommodation, including the insurance in the animal case as that is your added cost.