Lake Havasu Short Term Rentals

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I was wondering if any of you have STR's in the Lake Havasu area? If so, how do they perform?

Any information or insight is greatly appreciated.

There are lots of STRs in LHC, just look on VRBO, AirBnB, etc. This is a very unique market in that it is very seasonal tourist. Summer is boaters and party goers and winter is the snowbird and off road crowd. AirDNA has a lot of useful data on STRs by location. It was an option I considered when I bought my SFR in LHC that I am house hacking. It just to involved for me and the market is fairly saturated here for me.

I just opened up my Lake Havasu rental and haven’t got any bites on it yet but it’s only been up for about a week or two. I’d definitely like to hear from others that have rentals there.

@Myka Artis Right now is snow bird season here and they typically have rental agreements done in the spring time/early summer for winter rentals (4 to 6 months). Snow birds tend to be creatures of habit and will stay with the rental for a long period of time once they choose one. My cousin bought a house that has the same retired Canadian couple renting in the winter for 13 years. The weekly rental stuff will start to pick up around April when it starts to get warmer out here.

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