Multifamily Brokers needed.

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I am looking for multifamily brokers. Can you guys suggest few brokers that serve in TX region. I did search on google, but I want to get some references that BP members used. I really appreciate your help. 

Hate to piggyback without providing value but I could use the same here in Tennessee. They are so hard to find, I would prefer something on the smaller scale for right now (probably nothing more than 8-30 units) as that is all I could handle at the moment.  

@Nagesh Pulipati I am sorry if I wasn't clear, I meant I was looking for me in Tennessee. If someone answered your post I was hoping they would be able to help me too. That's what I meant by saying I was piggybacking but not helping you haha. Sorry again.

My suggestion is to focus on a certain market and mf subclass in Texas.  That will help the BP community possibly answer your question.  Just like Tennessee, TX is a big state.

If you want the whole enchilada then contact with of the big players.  CBRE, Marcus & Millichap, Transwestern, etc.

I was also going to say Marcus and Millichap. Another one that does a lot of business in the DFW area is Greysteel.

@Paul B.   

Thanks @Paul B. I am working on contacting a broker in M&M. I will check with Greysteel.

Has anyone worked with ? 

@Nagesh Pulipati

I don't know much about Newmark but I recently attended a multi-family conference in the area and they were one of the speakers on a broker's panel, which indicates they are also a player in the area.

I think scale matters on this--I've got a buyers agent I've used for a number of duplexes and a couple of quads, but haven't done as much with larger stuff. PM me for more details.

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