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Foam Brewers is a great place, off the main drag, not too loud and easy parking. Wednesday and Friday evenings work well for me but whatever you want to do!

I would love to start attending meetings like this as well. I am not yet an investor, but ready to dive in head first. Looking to network and learn as much as humanly possible. Please let me know if you would be willing to have me. 

Hi everyone. I would love to come to this event! 

Foam is having their work party this Wednesday (4/17) so I think that is out.

How about The Garage on Friday 4/19 at 7pm? It's on the corner of main and battery and they have shuffle board...

Not sure how busy they will be but maybe with the holiday it might be lower key.

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Hi all,

I'd love to attend the next meeting so definitely commenting to make sure I don't miss it!

I'm new to real estate and investing. Been looking into it and going through BP (particularly the podcasts) for a couple months now. I recently started an Airbnb out of a spare bedroom we have and I booked every available weekend for my first month! Been doing a ton of work recently to prepare and been getting more into it the more I do! Current plan is to buy my first investment property in the next 1-2 years but doing everything I can to shorten that each day! 

I look forward to meeting some of you!


Hello Investors!

I just launched a regular monthly networking event in the chittenden county area. We've had a steady 6-9 investors attend in our first two meetings. I'd love to widen our prospects a bit and this thread seems to be the place to do it :)

Our next meeting is scheduled for July 17th 6:30-8:00pm, details will go out in a reminder email so everyone will easily have access to the date, time, and location! Message me on here with your email if you'd be interested in attending any of our events and I'll add you to the email I'm setting up. 

We can build success better when we work together; as I'm prepping to purchase my first multi family this year I'd love to connect with more investors in state! 

Looking forward to hearing from some of you, and meeting you in the future! Cheers!

Renae Bouchard

I’m hoping to attend the next meet up. Can you add me to your mailing list? 

I’m looking to invest more in the Franklin county area, but still would love to sit and talk with everyone. 

Currently trying to figure out my first deal (ideally a rental unit/s). 

Look forward to meeting everyone. 


Hi All,

I've been in and out of the forums for years but would also love to meet up with people and actually start strategizing how to get going. Got massively burned on a property that I just managed to fire sale my way out of last year, so still a bit tentative.

I'm over in Washington County but happy to meet up in Chittenton. So if there is an email list or a FB group going please add me!



@Billy Thurston  The event was yesterday, great networking and lots of local knowledge and experience. Fantastic for seasoned investors or newbies like myself.

I see you asked to be added to the mailing list in your first post but did you message @Renae Bouchard ? If not that is probably why as per her instruction to be added to the mailing list in the post above your first one. Send her a message to hop on the mailing list and hope to see you at the next one!

@Christopher Triolo didn't see you there either so if you didn't message Renae yet be sure to so you receive the e-mail for the next one.

Thanks for the clarification Hunter! Sorry we weren't able to communicate to everyone for this one, but it is my priority to make this a monthly event so there will be MUCH opportunity to attend in the future! I'm trying to constantly host on the second monday of each month 6-8pm. This last meet up, we were able to gather at one of our investors owner-occupied properties and it was truly ideal compared to trying to communicate over the noise of a bar! Hope to see you all at the next one, planning for August 12th!

Hey Everyone! Just finished reading all the posts in this discussion and it seems like this group is finally coming together after 5 years (lol)! That’s awesome to see.

My wife and I will be moving to Vermont end of Sept and I’d love to connect with this group when we are there. Will there be any meeting scheduled end of September or in October?

Looking forward to hearing from you!



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