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Foam Brewers is a great place, off the main drag, not too loud and easy parking. Wednesday and Friday evenings work well for me but whatever you want to do!

I'm game pretty much any Wednesday, Friday, Sat or Sun evenings. If someone picks a date/time, I can probably work it into my schedule.

I'd likely be able to drive down for a Fri or Sat evening event.

I would love to start attending meetings like this as well. I am not yet an investor, but ready to dive in head first. Looking to network and learn as much as humanly possible. Please let me know if you would be willing to have me. 

Hi everyone. I would love to come to this event! 

Foam is having their work party this Wednesday (4/17) so I think that is out.

How about The Garage on Friday 4/19 at 7pm? It's on the corner of main and battery and they have shuffle board...

Not sure how busy they will be but maybe with the holiday it might be lower key.

Hi everyone! Friday the 19th at 7PM works very well for me as well.

There are two new events listed on the event page, one is in S. Burlington 4-27 (Sat.) and one is for St. A on June 1st (Sat.) in the afternoons. 

I'll be at the garage on 4/19 @ 7pm. Hopefully some others can make it as well! Looking forward to catching up with everyone.

Hi Jay, I’ll be there! Looking forward to meeting you.

Hey all, I'll be stopping by the Garage at 7pm tonight for some networking and educational conversation :) Hoping to meet a few of you who can make it work :)

Sorry I missed this - been disconnected for a bit now.  I'll try and make the next one.

Are any VT or NH investors interested in purchasing a SFH in the Westminster, VT area (wholesale deal)?

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