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I'm reaching out in hopes of finding some fellow Vermonters who are part of this wonderful world of BP. I've been waiting anxiously to get involved in the Champlain Valley REIA, but the last two meetings have been cancelled due to low attendance. Are there any Vermont Investors interested in getting together for a meet and greet outside CVREIA? If so, message me on here and we can figure out a plan.



I'm in VT and I would love to get together with other Vermont Investors. Feel free to contact me if you find more people to get together.

Hi @Jay Mitiguy  

I'm originally from Brandon and own two properties in Rutland. I'm not up in Vermont on a regular basis, I'm Boston based, but would love to know when these meetings occur to see if I could squeeze into one. 

From a pure marketing point of view, it looks like your local REIA needs a champion. Gather a great core and make sure those folks are around on a regular basis. We attend those meetings for contacts and advice. Make sure there is a reason to attend for everyone :)

I will be in my VT property during July, It would be great to talk business with someone in the area.

Ralph 802-922-6675

@Graham M.

I would definitely like to get together with a group to do some networking. I'm still new to real estate investing, and would welcome the opportunity to assist a seasoned veteran to learn more about the business. Let me know what your schedule looks like, and if you know of anyone else interested in sitting down.

@Aaron Montague

I believe the meetings are held quarterly, but the last two have been either postponed or cancelled. I submitted my application for membership to them so I can begin networking with the associate members outside the meetings, but I've yet to hear back. It's only been a day or so since that happened, so I'm not getting my panties in a wad about it yet. Based on my experience thus far, I would agree with your comment about finding a stronger core and giving them incentive for attending. From what I've read on BP, REIA's are a vital tool for any professional RE investor, and I look forward to participating in one.

@ Ralph Jensen

When exactly are you coming up, and where is your property? I spent a few years down in your neck of the woods as well. I lived in Conway for a year, and then graduated from UNC Wilmington. Little River is a great spot!

I am a new investor, seeking out my second property in Vermont. I'll gladly attend this meet to network and share with other investors. 

Located in Essex Junction  and have a connection with some developers in the area. 

Hello, I live in Burlington, I'm 17 and really interested to learn more about real estate

@Jay Mitiguy

Sorry I missed the last meeting... Would love to attend the next one.  Is there a date set for that?

Thanks @Nick Britton for the mention. : )

I'm in Southern Vermont and would love to attend a meeting. It seems that the market in Vermont really varies throughout. We currently own on multi unit and would love to invest in another :)

hi jay , 

did you ever get an investment group put together ? i love talking shop with others about real estate expieriances . 

Hi All,

@Ashley Wishinski , @Nick Britton , @Krystina L. , @Peter Amour

Sorry I've been MIA on the forums here! We do have a formal REIA now that meets monthly on the first Tuesday of every month. We just changed venues but we try to keep it located either in Waterbury or Colchester, to keep it as centrally located as possible. For those of you that listen to the podcasts, Graham Mink helped me and another friend organize it all. Tonight we are meeting in Waterbury at 6pm and have an attorney coming to speak about corporate entities for real estate. Feel free to email directly if you want more information. Or better yet you can email Reuben Stone to get on our email list. His info is on his BP profile. Thanks!

well i have been in real estate a while , but new to bigger pockets . i am still out of the country for a few more days so i will miss this one .

I would love to attend any real estate groups/meetings to network with other investors in VT. My partner and I currently own two duplex's in the St. Johnsbury area and we are looking to expand. Do we have to register for the existing REIA meetings on the first Tuesday of every month or can we just show up?

Thank you for keeping me on this list, I'll mis this one, but hope to make one in the later spring or summer if there is another. 

@Jay Mitiguy  Thanks for organizing this and I'll look into getting on the mailing list.

Greetings Vermont investors!

- Tom

I too would like to hear more about the group! 

I also have a REIA group that meets monthly in South Burlington. I can't give you the details due to forum policies however you are welcome to PM me for details.

Hey @Christopher Fougere . We haven’t met in a while but I think we’re due for a meeting at some point. We’ve all been pretty busy scaling our businesses and this kind of went to the wayside. In the mean time, if you ever want to grab a coffee or have an informal meeting with a few of us, I could make that happen. 

@jay mitiguy

How’s the rental market in Rutland VT? I recently heard that VT is one of the top states that has people leaving. I currently live in Saratoga Springs NY and the prices here are insane. Ive looked at some multifamilies in Rutland and they seem much more affordable and cash flow great but I know nothing about the demand there for rentals. Where I live in Saratoga, the demand for rentals is extremely high causing $450k duplex’s 😭

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