Managing Broker in Indianapolis

3 Replies | Indianapolis, Indiana

I will be taking the test for my Indiana broker license in February. I'm looking for a managing broker to work under and sign the license application. I will not be a full time broker, at least not for while. I am hoping to do this on the side and my main goal is to make it easier to buy and sell my own properties.

I have dabbled in real estate investing and hope to be able to do it more. Because of this, I'd like to find an investor-friendly brokerage or one that specializes in real estate investing. Does anyone have any recommendations for a brokerage that would consider adding a new licensee? Any advice is appreciated!

I'm at HomeSmart there on 31. The office fees seemed reasonable to me. I would check around and compare the office fees, with being part time you don't want to be paying out an arm and a leg in fees and not making any money back. Phil is the managers name.