1 bedroom rental demand in Indianapolis

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What kind of market rental demand there is for 1 bedroom units in the Indianapolis area?  There are some potential opportunities out there, however, I'm a little concerned about the tenant pool by limiting myself to units with only 1 bedroom.  I would love some input from those in the area on what you are seeing...

@Scott Passman I have a few 1 beds. The rental range depends on where the unit is located and what finishes you add to the units. As far as demographics, I've typically seen single folks or older couples who downsized. Older couples don't move as much but the younger single folks tend to move out because of a new job or marriage or buying a new house etc. I'd recommend staying away from high crime areas as far as 1bed duplexes go. There are quite a few of them on market.

@ Scott passman I own and also manage several one-bedroom doubles in C Class areas the demand is very sporadic we find that we can go a month without a qualified candidate but then the next month we make it 6 you can p.m. me if you want to discuss specific areas

@Scott Passman I'm presuming it is a multi family, in which case, I would be more concerned about where it's located in the city. A lot of the multi's in Indianapolis are located in older, rough neighborhoods. In any case, there is no question that you will have a more limited rental pool. 

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