Investing in Indianapolis

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Hope everyone reading this post is having a wonderful day. 

My wife and I are looking to invest in Indianapolis and would like to connect with investors in this area that could give us some pointers.

@Juan A Lopez I'm in Indy.  I invest here in Indianapolis.  Have alot of flips going and I buy and sell a lot of property, know alot of the local players. Feel free to contact me if you have questions about the area.  I'd be happy to share. 

Hi Juan, we've been very active in Indianapolis and know the market well. Indy is a good cash flow market when you know the areas and neighborhoods. I'd be happy to share my insights and experiences. Feel free to contact me.

I have been an out of state investor in Indianapolis for the last several years.  I would certainly be willing to share my experiences and provide you some pointers.

Hi Juan, I have a slightly different perspective and would be glad to connect and see what you're envisioning. I also would be happy to share some neighborhood data if you might find it helpful.

There are multiple things to consider. I do a lot of consulting with people looking to invest in Indianapolis and you have to start by identifying your goals and resources. There are also lots of different types of investing available in this market and several others. Indianapolis is one of the better cash flow markets in the country. Couple that with the investor friendly laws, it makes Indy a great place for rental property investing.

We also have several gentrifying areas where out of state investors are doing retail flips for a good ROI. I would recommend building a network and team instead of trying to go it alone. I just got a message from a CA investor who is doing 2 flips in the Bates-Hendricks area (I believe that BildWise did the contracting work) but he sent his realtor out there to find out that the back door had been kicked in, appliances stolen, and granite counter tops cracked. Unfortunately, other than working with BildWise, he didn't really work with any other local professionals and didn't have proper guidance on how to adequately secure a property. Now that the contractors are not there several times weekly, it's more vulnerable to theft and vandalism. Always find a local to help guide you through your first few projects.

Currently, I'm in the middle of a joint-venture with a Canadian client who was falling behind because of poorly managed contractors. He finally reached out to me and I helped him find another GC and I'm helping him to manage the contractors as well as market the home for sell. Networking and team building with experience providers and professionals will help save you a lot of headaches and probably a lot of money as well.

Some BP members started a niche facebook group a few months back that has really been helpful to out of state investors. I highly recommend checking it out.

Best of Luck! Feel free to post questions, connect, and reach out here as BP is the best free REI community on the net. Lots of great people here and they will help to reduce your learning curve, build your team, and give you the best opportunity for success.

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I was just contacted by BildWise and they were concerned that someone may think that they were responsible for the issue. They managed the contractors working there and the job has been completed for weeks. The point was to show that there are active people working with local professionals... not to place blame. Sorry for any confusion.

@Juan A Lopez , I am also an out of state investor - with both rental properties and single family new build construction. Let me know which path you are exploring and I'm happy to share my pointers/lessons learned. 

@Juan A Lopez We've been active in Indianapolis for almost 10 years. Indy is a strong cash flow market if you know the areas well and buy in good neighborhoods. Feel free to contact me if you want some insight and help.

Hi Juan, I am a local broker who focuses on investment properties here in town. I also, run some of my own deals and we just sold our property management business so we have a lot of experience in the area . We work with a wide range of investors all over the country who wholesales, flips, and buy & hold properties. Check out We have every property that is on the MLS in the city.