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Hello Indianapolis Investors! Has anyone had a good experience with the Indianapolis REIA meet ups? I've been able to find both the INREIA and the CIREIA. INREIA has held their last two meeting on a webinar and CIREIA charges $40 for non members to show. I'm willing to spend that money but only if someone recommends this as a NEED TO GO meeting. Otherwise, I am bummed there is not a more involved meet up with young and old excited investors looking to network, find deals, and share stories over some drinks or dinner? Or, maybe I am missing it.

Let me know if anyone in the area has attended these meet ups and highly suggests them for a young investor. 

...or, if anyone would be interesting in attending a new meet up - free of cost! Attendees are only allowed to attend if they have a relentless search for self-education, networking, and fun! It would be informal, food provided, maybe some drinks, and we would try to set up a speaker each time. Speakers would be local investors or entrepreneurs looking to learn and share their story, followed by networking and building relationships with like-minded people.

I’m a member of CIREA and love it. I think you can check out any meeting for free to see if it’s worth the membership. I go to the women’s group and even though it says you’re supposed to be a member to attend, there are frequently non-members at the meetings. But the group provides great information and great networking!

I attended CIREIA a few times this summer. I enjoyed it but but it's not for me. I'd love to meet up at a brewery or restaurant and keep the mood lite. No pressure just networking and talking investment goals and current projects. 

All: I recently moved to Indy area and trying to find a meet up as well to learn/network all I can. I was surprised and also disappointed there are not many meetups in this area. I continue to hear its great place to invest for cash flow but don't hear about any meets up besides CIREIA. I would be very interested in attending as well. I kicked around the idea to start one in Brownsburg/Avon my area but I am very green and not sure if someone would attend or motivated since I can offer very little from the experience side. 

@Cameron O'Connor I would be happy to participate and happy to assist if you like, thanks Michael 

@Cameron O'Connor I have been working on putting something together to get something started.  There are several locations in and around Indy that would be able to accomodate this.  Feel free to message me and we can talk more in depth.

So what is our next steps everyone? Are we going to set up an informal meeting or is this thread just gonna fall to the wayside for searchable content?

I got plenty of time on my hands, to the point where networking with people in this business will take priority of my time.

I'm free after 4pm during the week, and anytime during the weekends, early or late.

I guess I'll take the lead here. What are peoples available times? I'd prefer weekends myself.

I'm picking big woods in speedway, I'm open to other options. Its about 100/hr to rent the upstairs conference room. I'd be willing to chip in half unless I got help? I'd like to shoot for the weekend of the 13th or the 20th, Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. Who's in?

Put me on the list.  I need to find 2 more rentals in the next 45 days.  I also need to find some handymen.  I got caught up in a few bad situations.  I'm looking for some workers I can depend on for turns and tenant ready improvements. 

@Cameron O'Connor  @Ryan Watson @Bryan Richardson @William Stephenson @Michael Svoboda and anyone else I missed.  Any chance I can get a head count on if you plan on coming Thursday?  Ale Emporium - Greenwood, Indiana - 5:30pm - until when everyone leaves.  First meeting more of a networking type event with plans to formalize a series of meetups and workshops moving forward.  Feel free to DM me with any questions.

For those who missed this meeting last night, you missed out on a great opportunity for networking and meeting some really great people.

I would like to thank @Brandon Wells for taking charge and getting the ball rolling. We are going to get this to be a every month thing!