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Hello all! I hope the new year has been prosperous.I have been investing in Fort Wayne for about 10 years now and a buddy of mine who listens to podcasts told me it would be a good idea to get on the area specific here i am.  

tomas rushing I dont think he posts on here,but he is a podcast addict!He is a smart guy who did alot of flips in california so me and him trade info(he does flips I do buy and holds).Whats your poison Bob?

I am an agent and investor here in FW. I would love to help you find property and/or property management. I have worked hard at building relationships with credible and honest investors. As well as lenders, property mangers, title companies and other Realtors in the local market. Fort Wayne really is an awesome hidden gem! Call, text or email with any questions you may have. I love helping out new investors see how real estate can catapult their wealth!! We don't know what we don't ask, right? Hope I can help! 

Hello everyone. I saw the subject network and figured I would jump in. I am a broker/investor in the South Bend area. I have been having trouble finding deals here and before I start to look out of state I figured I would look in my own backyard (sort of). @Sterling White  @Jacob Blackett as well as everyone else I would love to hear some ideas about where to find deals to flip in Ft. Wayne. The REO deals here in South Bend are now basically retail deals. I have started researching code enforcement violations and reaching out with letters. I have tried driving for dollars also. What methods are you guys using to find deals over there? Looking forward to exchanging ideas.

Kevin, you're right to want to invest up here. I have worked the Indy market myself... it can be pretty tough sledding depending on which niche you are working.

I have been flipping here in Fort Wayne for a few years now and now have transitioned to wholesaling predominantly. Let me know if I can help, whether that be with a question or finding a property up here.

Especially after NBA2K19 gave such a raving review about Fort Wayne....lmao.

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