Omaha Landlord Registration Ordinance

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Any landlords following this new proposed ordinance in Omaha? $50 a SFH and $6 per MFU seems kind of steep if that is an annual due.

I don’t think that Omaha ordinance is in effect yet. I’m personally not a slum lord and I believe people should have safe living conditions. So, I wouldn’t mind paying this if it cleans up a lot of slum lord properties. Who knows, maybe this would cause some good value add properties to hit the market too if the owners can’t fix or clean them up. 

The ordinance is under discussion. As a responsible landlord, I don't receive any added value by paying an annual fee to regulate lazy landlords.

If a fee schedule that Minneapolis is implemented, the buying of SFH and converting them to rentals will dry up. It will cost you $1000 just to convert it, which is crazy in my opinion. On the flip side, rents will increase because SFH rentals will decrease in Omaha.

Government regulation will do little to improve the slumlord situation and it will primarily make things more difficult for honest Landlords.

“OTOC proposes a three-year inspection cycle for rental properties — with annual inspections for properties that aren’t repaired quickly — to be funded with a landlord fee system. With a program similar to La Vista’s, OTOC says, landlords could pay $50 for each single-family property, or $6 per unit at multifamily properties, and provide proof of annual pest inspections. The city could use the extra revenue to hire more inspectors, Walsh said.“

Honestly $50 per single family home is not very high and I will just pass the cost to my tenants. 

My worry is that inspectors will hit us landlords hard with expensive repairs that have nothing to do with safety. Telling us to paint an entire house because of peeling paint.