Triangle Short Sell Agent / Place to get expired listings (and other lists)

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I am looking for two things.

1 is an agent I can refer some short sales to. I sent out a mailer a few months ago and there were several good candidates for short sales. I regret not finding someone to refer them too back then. I am remailing the same list and if a BP member loves short sales, and is in Raleigh / The Triangle, please let me know.

For lists, I am looking for a place to get expired listings in Raleigh, Durham, Garner, etc. A mailable list would be rad, but if I could only get property addresses I can make it work. Any ideas?

Does anyone know if Durham or Johnston county has delinquent property taxes in a database online? I cannot find it. Also, same for code violations in any of the cities. 

Any other list ideas I missed let me know. 



@Eric F.

I'd be interested in the short sales. I can provide the expired list to you from the MLS. No idea on if there's an online database of Durham or Johnston county delinquent property taxes but you should be able to obtain some sort of data with a few phone calls or an in-person visit.

Thanks..I could never find the Johnston link. 

HI, Eric F.

Feel free to reach out to me if you need anything.

Thanks Craig

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