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Hello all, I am a new investor in the San Antonio area. I am looking to begin flipping houses in the area. Does anyone have any recommendations for real estate agents that I can contact? Preferably an agent that deals with investors, although I’d be glad with any recommendation. Thanks

Hello Alex!

Congrats on deciding to invest, and buckle up for the ride! :)   I'm a realtor here in San Antonio. I work with investors, my brokerage is investor-friendly, and I'm also an investor as well, which you really want in a realtor or agent, no matter who you choose to work with.  Let's get together and see how I can help you build your business!

@Alex Kamunyo

Do you plan on investing IN San Antonio, or AROUND San Antonio? Do you have a farm area or know what types of projects you want to take on? 

San Antonio of course is a huge, and diverse market, with different neighborhoods being better for different strategies than others. 

I ended up getting my license to facilitate my investing because I was struggling finding any investor friendly agents or wholesalers that had accurate rehab budgets or ARVs. I found many others had the same issues, so in addition to rentals, wholesaling and rehabbing I represent serious buyers looking for smart acquisitions.

Let me know what your strategy is and I'd be happy to help!

I have an area in mind that I have researched and looked at. I’m looking to take on a Fox & sell or buy & hold property. Ideally it would be able to potentially function as either, in case one strategy would be better than the other. I would be glad to meet up and speak with you about the possibilities.

@Alex Kamunyo if you're thinking of buying flips from the MLS you're in for a battle. My business partner @John Barr is an investor/agent that can help you out. But, my suggestion is to try to network with good wholesalers and be careful with the bigger wholesaling companies as they tend to not be very good with rehabs and values. 

I agree with Jon, it'll be hard to find a good deal on the MLS and act fast enough to purchase. I would reach out to wholesalers and attend some local RE meetups to network and look for deals.

Hit my buddy Emilio Alcazar with Prudential Don Johnson. He has been a realtor here in San Antonio for 18yrs and in the investor side for 20yrs. He knows the market very well. Do me a favor if you contact him let him know Joey Taylor sent you his info

I work with investors that flip in San Antonio, I would recommend networking and meeting wholesalers and multiple agents. Finding actual deals that make sense to flip is tough to do, especially on MLS. If you want to flip, learn the hustle of finding deals, analyzing deals, then pull the trigger on one when you're ready. Agents can be a great resource, but they are one of many when trying to find a good flip.

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