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Hi all,

I am looking to expand my marketing into the digital world for my wholesaling business.Where would you recommend starting? I am on a strict budget so options that have mostly sweat equity required is the best. I hear FB ads are the way to go for just like $3 a day that lead to a simple poor SEO lead capture site.

All tips are appreciated.

Where are you currently wholesaling?

Solano County in Nor Cal.

Hey @Cody Evans !

With a limited budget, Facebook ads are a good place to start. You pay pennies for impressions, so you can get a lot of reach. If you go that route, I'd suggest running both an outreach and a retargeting campaign, that way if new visitors bounce you can continue to remind them that they visited your site for a reason and that you're ready to help. Also, limit your range to only people who live in your target area. Good luck!

@Josh McRay

I have limited knowledge of this so maybe this sounds silly but what is an outreach and re-targeting campaign? I understand the definition of "retarget" so a book definition is obvious but what are logistic steps for success? Is there a best place to start learning these campaign strategies at?

@Cody Evans  

Definitely not a silly question! Have you ever visited a site like Amazon, looked at an item, left, and then seen ads for that item pop up on different sites that you visit? That is what retargeting does. In Facebook Retargeting, if you drive a visitor to your site and they exit the site, you have the opportunity to get ads placed in their newsfeed.

Hope this helps!

The idea is to create an intro video introducing people to myself and then re-targeting them with FB ads but how do you get people to view your FB live video in the first place?

You can try google adwords. you will have to pay for it, but it will bring customers for you

 There is nothing more annoying in the advertising world than re-targeting.

Oh look... there is that thing again that I decided Not to buy/do with that vendor I didn't want to use.

Agree with Tom.  I am not a fan of retargeting setups.  I get annoyed when I see them on my feeds.  It feels like a violation of my privacy.  I have tried FB ads with a limit per day and got a lot of followers, but no sales.  So now I post to thousands who follow my content but it does not make sales.  If anyone has an idea for how to change those followers into customers, let us all know.

Just about every advertising campaign I mention someone says it is annoying so I'm thinking the problem is that if you aren't interested it can be annoying but at the same time you can probably generate some leads. No one likes ads, me included but it's a fact of life. How else would people discover your product if not for ads of some form? 

What do you guys think about getting people to view my video in the first place?

@Timmi Ryerson What is your website? Do you mind if I look?

@cody Evans I cannot say on bigger pockets or they will ban me for advertising.  Go to linked in and look me up. You will find more info there.  

@cody evans the info page on face book is Committed Property Owner. It does not sell anything it is there for people to interact like here on bigger pockets.

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