How to A/B test voicemails from direct mail campaign

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I'm in the process of setting up a direct mail campaign, and I'm looking for a service which can set up my phone number along with multiple recorded messages.  My goal is to randomly play one of the recorded messages for each call that comes in, so I can measure the relative success rates of each message.  Does anyone know of a service like this?

Hi @Richie Thomas ,

Promise I'm not trying to be fly or snarky, but your interests would be MUCH better served by taking the call. If you're in a position of needing it to go to voicemail because you cannot get to it, keep your message simple and to the long descriptive message to "weed out" or qualify (you'll hit diminishing returns rapidly) "It's Jerry, you know what to do!" (confusing, people will wonder if they got the right number).

If you avoid those two extremes, anything else you can come up with will serve well enough to get the job done until you can get on the line and talk to the folks you invited to call. Spent money to give the invitation to call and talk to you.

Richie try Call Rail.  You can set up workflows however you like.  Not expensive either.

@Richie Thomas I definitely agree with @Jerry Puckett it's best to take the call but I do understand that you might have a full time job and are not able to take the calls in that case I'd go with @Account Closed and use PatLive. People who call in from a mailer want to talk to the person who sent the letters to ensure this isn't a scam. Granted you might get some fun calls. Please let me know if there is anything else I can assist you with!