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I am going to see what I can do to start a meetup in Indianapolis! I think we all need to stick together and what better way to network than for us all to get together!? I am sure there are already some groups around town, but I would like to know if anyone is already doing this? Please let me know my fellow Bp'ers. I would like to see who would be interested. First one to reply pays for dinner for everyone! Ha ha! Just kidding, but seriously I think it would be such a great idea to get this started maybe by the end of this month?

I would be very interested...It's always great to network in person! Met several BP'ers at other meetups in the area. 

Would be a great idea to have another meetup to meet other like-minded individuals 

I would go. I've been to every other meet up . I advise finding a day that is different from everyone else's meet ups. You will have a better chance of success with people coming  out. 

Being out of town I am looking forward to the first tech Savvy organizer that will stream the meetings for out of state investors that would like to attend. Will be willing to pay for the privilege. Good luck!

Originally posted by @Shawn Holsapple  

@Taylor Jennings already has a BP meetup on a somewhat regular basis.

"Somewhat of a regular basis" is a good way of putting it lol (Like your attendance!)

I'd be happy to have you co-organize an event @Stephen Barton  or anybody for that matter. It would be great to have a helping hand.

Pick a day and I'll book the venue. Just let me know if you all want it to be as a social get together or to have any training.

The last time I did an event for the sake of being social it didn't go as well, but that's not to say each time it would be that way.

I sent this link out for the MeetUp folks that have attended in the past:

It's a ton of my training stuff in a nutshell of sorts for the Indianapolis market.

Should help with anybody trying to get started here locally =)

@Taylor Jennings ok well I do not want to step on your toes but I have been a chairperson for an events committee in Indianapolis.(Something outside of real estate) I have a little experience in putting events together and more importantly I have some great ideas! I believe we can make this a success with proper planning and marketing of each event. I will be in touch with you Taylor to see what I can do to help make this happen. Thanks for your willingness to do this!

@Stephen Barton   No toes are being stepped on lol Feel free to give me a call. The group originated about a year ago because of BiggerPockets and is focused on opensource information and training so many people are very open with how they run their business and I share most of my resources and systems.

The plan was to host an event the third or last week of this month.

Alpine Capital will be doing theirs on wednesday of the third week of October so it may be best to plan for the last week.

@Ryan Mullin  

@Taylor Jennings  

I agree about having a meeting the last week of the month. I will give you a call Taylor to see where I can help you out. We should try to really market this event as much as we can. We just need a specific day and what we will talk about. I have some great ideas and will reach out to see where I can help!

What day of the week works best? Thursday's have been successful in the past. @Ryan Mullin  @Stephen Barton  

We had 25 people attend last meetup. The training room was a little bunched so I think we will have to stay in the main lounge area this time.


I blast that list the meetup dates and info.

@Stephen Barton  Here is a link to the MeetUp event on Thursday October 30th in Broadripple, Indianapolis:

I'll send an email blast out tomorrow!

@George Helms  @Michael Hyche  @Rodney Kuhl  @Shawn Holsapple  @Guy Raveh  @Brett Snodgrass  @Account Closed  I saw your BiggerPockets Article recently on technology: and saw some stuff I wasn't familiar with. 

Would you want to talk a bit about one or two of the programs you listed in that post?

I'll be going through the links/resources blast I sent out a couple of weeks ago to make sure everyone knows what is in it:

It'd be helpful to have somebody else speak as well.

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