Looking for a REIA in North Jersey

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Hello all!

I am a recently purchased homeowner in Hunterdon County, NJ simply looking to build out my network and meet others in Central/North NJ. I am new to actively using the forums but would like to see who is out there and if there are any active groups or REIA's within the area. I live in Clinton, NJ but work in Morristown so I am open to meeting up in different areas in NJ.

Looking to connect with all types of real estate professionals and investors within the different markets of NJ. Let's chat!


Brandon Cinquegrana

Welcome @Brandon Cinquegrana ! As I'm in south Jersey I don't know any northern REIAs but I'd advise you to check meetup.com as well as the events section here to help you find meetings. Also set your keyword alerts to pick up phrases that might also pick up posts from people organizing meetups near you.

There are a number of them that take place.  You can search here on BP in the Real Estate Events and Happenings section.  Just go in, put in your zip code (don't rely upon the automatic function) and put in future events and you'll see a list come up.  After that, check out Meetup or Eventbrite.  I'm considering doing a weekend event.  Haven't had the time.  I know a lot can't do the weeknights because of commuting and family responsibilities.