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What is this? Got a email from a sellers agent and he wants me to wholesale some of their properties, but I have to sign this form before moving forward.

Is it just like a agreement to work with one another and the information shall remain confidential?

It also says, 3% total fees of the purchase price...

What am I reading here!?!?!?!

Google daisy chain. It just someone who has a list, no connection or contract with the seller, and wants you to pay them 3% if you buy. They are not the sellers agent, or they would be paid by the seller. Probably the same thing you're trying to do.

@Chaz Reid It's pretty much impossible to give you a good answer without reading the text of the email, or without more detail from you.

Without publicizing some or all of the language, we don't know what you're reading, either.

Its complete garbage. Put the sender on your spammer list and forget about it and them.

NCND - non compete, non-disclosure. A document that says you won't tell anyone else about the deal

+3 - a fantasy the "seller" is engaging in where they think they're going to get a 3% fee for forwarding an e-mail to you.

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