Excel to keep track of buyers list

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How do you keep up with your list of buyers? I was thinking of creating an Excel document to keep track of them. Does anyone have any other good ideas or does anyone have a sample Excel format?


Download Google Drive and use Google Sheets (Google's Excel)

It's a live document in the Cloud which is accessible on any of your devices.

Or learn more about MailChimp. It's a free service which will allow you to do Email marketing campaigns and track some results.

Hi @Account Closed

I use an excel doc to keep track of my buyers and co-wholesalers.

I can send it you if you want to shoot me an email.

[email protected]

If you find something that works better for you let me know.



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Hello, what state(s) do you purchase in?

@Victoria Nellon Georgia

I use a MS Access template for contact list. There are many different ones to choose from. They can be modified to suit your needs. They dont require coding knowledge, it cant hurt tho. You can find books or youtube videos to help you. It gives you a more familiar interface that most people deal with, form boxes / drop lists / check boxes ect.

Right now I'm working on having it take my purchased  listability xls file and import it into my database file. If down the road you do yellow letters you are able to import owners names and address into the places on the letter (in word mailmerge) where you set it up.

I have tried and still trying to modify Zoho. Its online so it goes where you are.

Hey are you still in Atlanta ? I would like to link in seems like we have the same realtor goals ?

Also, check out this link to podio.  It's a free CRM. It does take some time to set up.  

There are several youtube video's you can check out.  


You can you the software to create a system you can use to work with other's and hire assistants to work for you. 

But, I think the best way to keep track of everything is to find out what personally works for you and your goals.

Good point Taylor Jennings.  We're using a shared google doc and spreadsheet to manage our small number of contacts right now, but it's clear that the more we do business this won't work for much longer, although it is convenient to have the Drive app on my phone to just click and call the phone numbers or click and email.

I'm looking for a gmail integrated CRM to give me a list of tasks that comes to my inbox every morning or something like that.  Maybe a feature where I put the lead into a certain group/type and it automatically sends me reminders at certain intervals (3 days, then 5 days, etc) when I should follow up with emails/calls.  Anybody have something like this working already?

Hey guys - 

This is my first post I think, but having been trying a bunch of different options this is literally the only thing I've found that is working for me. I started with an excel spreadsheet, notepad, planner, MLS, Top Producer, RealVolve, etc and honestly, this solution even has some things that drive me nuts, but it's the best one I've found so far. http://www.goconnectapp.com/

I'm a new realtor (2.5 months), but I've sold 15 houses and am working with nearly 35 active buyers right now. I get frustrated because it doesn't have a way to work on the computer just a phone app, but I guess there's no perfect solution in the market.

Hope this helps!

Sean Miku - Elam Real Estate - Middle TN

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