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Hi BP Family,

I'm looking to get a Probate List. However, I'm unsure how to go about obtaining this list. I Searched a couple forums and saw people mention local court house or online. As I did search online, I'm still a little confused on what to actually look for. I want to get as much information before I actually go to the court house. I'm in the Delaware County, Pennsylvania area. If that helps. 

Carl - Each one of the 3300+ counties is different, so you will have to figure that part out.  You can get leads from sites like Probates daily, but they are expensive and often they are actually obits not really probates.

You only need 4 pieces of info:

The name and address of the deceased and the executor/administrator.  That's all.


Hi @Sharon Vornholt

Do I speak with anyone specific at the court house? and ask for those four pieces of info?Thanks a lot for your feed back.

C'mon, Carl. Get down there, and act innocent. And take Cookies and Creme fudge.

I feel you @Carl McKenzie  !!! I am going down to the courth house on Wednesday to try and get a probate list... no idea who to ask or how I'm going to get them to actually GIVE me the information however I plan to bring my undeniably adorable 9 month old and hope that the clerk is someone who has a soft spot for babies.

Just ask where the probate records are kept and go from there. Be sure to ask what their procedure is and you'll get a lot further with those folks.  

Have you called the probate court to see if they are available some where else like the newspaper or online?  Always Google "your city and state or county - probate" and just see what comes up.

I hope this helps.


@Joseph Ball  lol. Thanks for the motivation! I'll be taking cookies and cream fudge tomorrow morning. I'll let you know how it goes

@Jade Davis  Hi,

Great strategy. Hopefully everything goes well! Keep me posted.

@Sharon Vornholt  Hi,

I'll give them a call tomorrow morning before I actually go. Hopefully they won't give me a hard time. 

Thanks a lot for your knowledge, You've been a bigggggg help!

Carl - there are over 3300 counties in the US, so each one is different.  One think that makes probates so attractive is that most people don't want to do the work and that's good for the rest of us.  :)


Ask the lady at the Probate counter to hold the baby, while you find a pen. That always gets them. LOL

Erick - You can't.  You can get leads from Probate Daily but they are expensive.


@Sharon Vornholt  Oh ok, thank you. How do you generate probate leads? If you don't mind me asking..

You have to find out where you get the leads for your county.  It's different in each of the 3300+ counties in the US.  I would do 2 things;

1. Call your local probate court.  If you can't get any info you may actually have to go to the courthouse.

2. Google "probate + your county" and see what comes up.

They are printed in the newspaper here but the probate court is where I got that information.

@Sharon Vornholt  Hey Sharon I am on my county's recorder website, and under document code I can see two probate options to choose from: 

1) Probate deed of any type/used to transfer prop

2) Probate/use with most probate do types 

Which of these could I use to find the name and address of the deceased and the executor/administrator?

Hi @Sharon Vornholt  

I recently called my local court house about probate leads, However I don't have a name of an deceased. Is there a way where I can just receive a list?

You can read the local obituary column in your local paper, and compare the names to the property ownership records at the tax assessor's site, or the same work is done for you by [email protected], which is the service I use.  They are quite inexpensive.

Originally posted by @Carl McKenzie :

Hi @Sharon Vornholt  

I recently called my local court house about probate leads, However I don't have a name of an deceased. Is there a way where I can just receive a list?

 You wouldn't go to a cemetery looking for a a "dead guy" would you? Yes, there are plenty there, but that makes no sense (at least not to me).

Don't call the courthouse...go visit! 

Find the Register of Actions and look at the last entry, then work backwards. 

Read your local obituary lists, and compare the names with the tax assessor property ownership list.  Wait a few weeks for the probate to be opened, and then go to the probate office.  I use a done-for-you list from [email protected].  Very inexpensive.

Originally posted by @Erick Martinez :

@Sharon Vornholt  Oh ok, thank you. How do you generate probate leads? If you don't mind me asking..

 If your in Maricopa county, grab a copy of The Record Reporter. There's approximately 14 new "Notice of Hearing on Petition" files since last month (Dec) and up until today..

@Mark Pedroza  

They are in the newspaper here.  Some areas they are online , and in others you have to go to the courthouse.  Each area is different.


Just for clarification @Rick H.  and anyone following this thread -

I called my probate court to ask the question, "How could I go about getting a list of probates filed each month"? They said, "They are published in the newspaper on this date every month". Mystery solved.


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