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Finding Great Investment Properties

If you’re in the real estate arena, you’ll often hear investors talk about how they “can’t find any deals.” Of course, this isn’t true—if it was, the entire real estate market would come to a dead halt. Here are some of the best methods and techniques to find profitable properties, whether you’re looking to flip a property or buy a cash-flowing rental.


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Finding Deals With a Realtor

How to Buy Off-Market Properties

There are many different methods to finding a great deal. You could use the MLS, wholesalers, Craigslist ads, or even drive for dollars. The method you choose depends on a few factors, such as the time you have available, your marketing budget, and—most important!—your tenacity. If you’re willing to put up the work to network, search, and find great deals, you’ll walk away with a winner.


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