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Posted almost 14 years ago

Organize Your Real Estate Life with BiggerPockets Task Manager

I'm excited to announce the creation of a new application that will help our members to stay organized and to get things done.

One of the most important things for anyone in real estate, be they investor, Realtor, lender, etc., is to organize themselves.  We decided that adding a tool that would help our members create and manage the tasks that they need to accomplish, would come in very handy to everyone here on BP.

Introducing BiggerPockets Tasks


Any member can start using BiggerPockets tasks by going to the DASHBOARD and clicking on the Manage Tasks link on the left side of the page, or by going to the APPLICATIONS link in the gray toolbar and clicking on the TASKS link.

Once there, simply click on the New Task link to create a task.


After clicking 'New Task', simply enter the task that you want to accomplish (e.g. Send contract to listing agent), and choose the priority of the task.  Then Save the Task, and you'll see it added to your list of tasks.


As you can see from the image below, you can check off those tasks that you've accomplished, clear completed tasks, or simply delete a task.


In addition to tracking your tasks on the task manager, you can also see the five most important (highest priority) tasks on any page in the DASHBOARD on the sidebar (see left).


NOTE: All members of the site will have access to their own Task Manager application.  The information contained within this tool will be viewable only by the user who created the tasks.  

Task Manager for PRO Members


While all members will have their own task manager, our PRO Members get more usablity and perks out of this tool.

  • Basic members are limited to 5 tasks, while our PRO Members will be able to create an unlimited number of tasks
  • Additionally, our PRO Members have the ability to organize their tasks by category, and can create an unlimited number of categories.

As you can see from the image below, the additional abilities that come with a PRO Account can really help you simplify the management of your real estate and other activities.


What are you waiting for?

Start getting organized by jumping on the BiggerPockets Tasks application, and if you're looking to improve how you conduct your business even more, be sure to Upgrade Today and get all the perks that come with a BiggerPockets PRO Account!


Comments (7)

  1. Nice! Thanks Josh "Whitout control or planning their is confusion"

  2. @Nick - I can take the razzing, don't worry about that! I appreciate the complement, and look forward bringing improvements to this great tool in the not too distant future!

  3. I knew it was LOL!! I was just giving you a hard time :) You're too much of a visionary to not already be thinking way ahead when it comes to these things. I just feel like razzin ya a little bit to make myself feel better about not being as smart as you.

  4. @Anthony - Glad you like it! @Michael - More to come! @Nick - It's in the works.

  5. cool tool, is there no calendar function to it? like I would create a task to follow up with clients on Thursday the 19th between 9am-10? Like your standard desktop calender?

  6. Thanks for this great addition Josh. It's really great when your dashboard is your homepage, it keeps your task list right in front of you.

  7. excellent tool, thanks josh