Posted over 13 years ago

BiggerPockets Fixes, Updates and Speed

Happy Holidays everyone!  We launched a few changes to the BiggerPockets site this afternoon that I thought worth sharing.


  • Members can now share their real estate wants and needs on their profiles in the Currently Seeking section.  Whether you're looking for properties, partners, money, clients, etc. you can share these so others on the site can more easily connect and work with you.
  • We've drastically sped up the Dashboard and other areas of the site!  Regular members will see a big change!
  • We've upgraded the recent forum posts section of the Dashboard to make it easier to navigate.
  • Corrected several problems in the BiggerPockets Blogging platform.  Users will no longer see blank trackbacks on their articles;  we've also fixed a few bugs in the comments.
  • Improved pagination issues throughout the site.
  • Fixed several bugs in the member password reset system.  
We're soon going to be redirecting members who are logged into the site, from the front page of BiggerPockets to the Dashboard.  Since the Dash now has almost all of the features of the site's front page and more, we feel that this move will make it easier for members to navigate their personal edition of BiggerPockets!   I wanted to thank everyone for continuing to make great suggestions for improving the site . . . as always, we're working on it!   Any thoughts, questions, comments? 


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  1. How about adding credit repair expert to the occupation list ;)