How Much Return Should You Expect From Your Rental Property

Monday, January 13

How To Determine Rental Property Value After Increasing rent

Tuesday, December 10

Here's Why Wholesaling Is The Easiest Way To Invest In Real Estate

Tuesday, July 02

Super excited to be starting a new video series all about real estate investing. For my first video I wanted to look at wholesaling - the definition, benefits, and how to get started. I'd love to hear from you and what videos you'd like to see.

Should You Allow Smoking

Monday, April 22

Smoking – it’s gross - but there’s no law against it. Everyone can make their own cigarette decision, but as a landlord you have to decide whether or not to allow it in you building. About 17% of adults smoke, so you are broadening your applicant pool by allowing it. However, there are a number o...

Tenant Can't Pay? Don't Freak Out

Wednesday, April 17

As a landlord, there are a number of reasons to panic. Usually the freak out is due to un-planned repairs or a sudden infestation. Those problems just suck - there's no two ways about it. However, this week I learned that there is one particular issue that initially seemed panic worthy, but actua...

When Good Deals Turn Great

Monday, March 04

I recently bought a condo in Santa Monica for $425,000. This included rehab and was a great deal in a very expensive market. I put down $175,000 of my own money and financed the rest based on the $425K value. The only downside to the deal was that the city has a restriction that this unit can onl...