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How Wholesale Real Estate Investment Opportunities Work?

Many different kinds of real estate investment opportunities are available. These vary from simple rental properties to more complex tax delinquent properties. One exciting type of real estate investing to help you break into the industry is wholesale real estate.

Wholesale real estate is a faster way to make money than some other real estate investing methods. When you begin any new type of investment opportunity, it’s important to learn how to properly invest and which risks are worth it in order to maximize your success while minimizing mistakes.

How Wholesale Real Estate Works?

Simply put, wholesale real estate is entering into a real estate contract and then assigning that contract to a different buyer. Wholesale real estate investing differs from other real estate investment opportunities primarily because the wholesaler doesn’t take ownership of the property.

With a wholesale real estate deal, the wholesaler identifies potential sellers that have properties they need to sell quickly but don’t want to use a real estate agent. The seller then uses the wholesaler to find a buyer for the property.

The fact that ownership is not taken means the process can move more quickly to make money from the investment. Wholesale real estate works by the wholesaler establishing a contract with the seller to purchase the property. Then, when the wholesaler finds a buyer, the purchase contract is assigned to that new buyer.

Sellers are often looking to unload a property that may need substantial renovations or nearing foreclosure. Buyers are often investors looking for a property to flip or rent. The job of the wholesaler is to use their network of connections to find a buyer to purchase the property for a higher price than the original contract with the seller. The profit for the deal is the difference between the price set with the seller and the buyer’s price.

How to Make Money with Wholesale Real Estate

The goal with any real estate investing deal is to make a profit. Because the wholesaler never takes ownership of the property, the risk with wholesale real estate is lower than with some other real estate investing methods. For example, wholesale real estate is less risky than flipping houses where you must spend the money to improve the property and then resell it for more than the cost of the property plus the improvements in order to make a profit.

With wholesale real estate, the key is to find a buyer before the contract closes with the seller and to sell the property to that buyer for more than the contact amount with the seller. Having a solid real estate investment network will help you to find success with wholesale real estate. It’s also important to understanding of the process for wholesale real estate investing before you begin. This will help you to avoid losing money on deals. Thankfully, with wholesale real estate, it’s quicker and easier to make a profit.

Be Smart - Invest in Wholesale Real Estate

For beginning real estate investors, wholesale real estate offers a great starting point. Because the risks and financial requirements are lower, wholesale real estate has few barriers to entry.

However, wholesale real estate deals do take work. You must be willing to put in the effort to find both sellers and buyers. If you have more time than money, this is a great kind of real estate investment because the amount of money required to get started is lower.

Wholesale real estate is a smart type of real estate investing to start and then build your real estate investing business. With little capital and a willingness to work hard, you can find success, learn the business and grow your network. Start today with wholesale real estate investing opportunities.

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  1. @Quito KeutlaExactly. Thanks for your comment!

  2. Great Blog @Elizabeth Klingseisen I've been a licensed agent for 15 years and I just discovered wholesaling and found that I make more money wholesaling than tradition real estate sales.  You're right it's less risky than fix and flip, the return is huge even if you invest money on marketing as one deal can pay for itself.  Like you mention it does take work, like anything worth while in life will require work.