Posted about 4 years ago

The Only Site I Visit Daily! (it's not Google)

Mint is the greatest thing since sliced bread for someone who looks at their finances daily. But it's also useful for those who don't look at the their finances often, because with Mint, your assets, debts and budgets are all in one easy to use location that's updated automatically when you login. An all encompassing real-time view of your personal finances is empowering.

You simply enter your login information for any account you want to sync to Mint; that could be a loan, car, house, 401k, etc. Mint will track anything you want, and it's super easy to use. When you signup simply follow the instructions step-by-step.

If you're nervous about putting your login information in Mint, start out by syncing just a few accounts. I personally have every single asset and debt in my name on Mint and I have never felt vulnerable. If you are still uneasy about Mint's account protection, here is the page explaining their security measures.

In any light, Mint's benefits far outweigh the risks. The graphics, investment tracker, goal setting tool, and net worth calculator make Mint a must have. I would recommend Mint to anyone, whether they are having trouble getting their finances in order, or want to save time and become more efficient.

If you're already a Mint user please leave a comment below describing the Mint feature that has been the helpful and why!