Posted over 2 years ago

8 Lessons in Landlording I learned as an Unhappy Renter.

I am in a big fight with my landlord.  

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It's been unpleasant for everyone, and I wish we could have avoided this situation.  

In reviewing years worth of discussions and thinking about what could have been done differently, I have gleaned 8 important lessons to remember as a landlord.

1. Be Nice

I didn't say be a push-over but being a reasonable, civil human is always the right thing to do.

2. Know and Follow the Law

Landlord-Tenant law exists for a reason.  Know and follow the rules.

3. Don't ignore problems.

They won't go away, and ignoring them will only make things worse.

4. Admit when you're wrong.

Take ownership of things that haven't gone right (even if it's not directly your fault), and work to fix them.

5. Be reasonable. 

A little bit of goodwill and flexibility can go a long ways to resolving conflict.

6. Keep good records.

In case things go wrong.

7. Don't make excuses.

No one cares about your problems, or your pity story.  

8. Avoid escalation.  

Again, I didn't say be a push-over, but cooling off an escalating situation will probably yield a better outcome for all parties. 

Happy landlording!