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Custom Builders Vs Production Builders Who Is Better

Custom BuildersVS.Production Builders  

Having been both type of home builders, I feel that I have the experience to be able to give you a non biases opinion on this topic. I believe I can give you the true benefits of both sides.

 When American Heartland Homes was at its peak, we where building over 150 homes per year. Before American Heartland decision to become a production type builder, we considered ourselves a Semi Custom Home Builder and where building 40 to 60 homes per year. Now with Live Well Custom Homes, I find myself wanting to build fewer homes but the ones I do build I want them to have them have more substance.

There is no right or wrong answer here. The two types of builders are extremely different from each other. The biggest reason for the difference is because they view the industry from different starting points. Both companies have advantages and disadvantages. It all depends what you are looking for in a home and what type of home buying experience that you are looking for. It is want you are looking for that is more important than what type of builder I should you choice.

So let me share with you my 32 years of personal experience on the topic of Production Builders VS Custom Builders.  Who is better?


Before we start, I believe I need to give you the Keys for success for each builder type.


For a Production Builder to be successful he or she must

1.      Developed a home plan that is accepted by the consumer.

2.      Create a set of features that he or she believes the consumer wants.

3.      Than create a process that will produces that same product over and over again


For a Custom Builder to be successful he or she must

  1. Find a customer who wants a home built
  2. Find a plan or design a plan that fits his or hers life style
  3. Find a Lot or Land for the home
  4. Design and build the home within the customer’s budget.

So now that you know the keys to success for each type of builder, it is easy to figure out their advantages and disadvantages


The Advantage of the Production Builders is going to build you a home that is going to

  1. Cost you less money per square foot
  2. Take less time to build
  3. Take less of your time because he or she has made most of the decision for you and all you have to do is think about a few colors and placement of a couple items and that is your home.

The Disadvantage of the Production Builder is going to be

  1. You  are buying the house he or she has designed  for you with no changes
  2. Build it with the feature he or she wants  you to build with
  3. You pick a lot that they own, so you are limited to where you are going to live.



The Advantage of the Custom Home Builder are

  1. He can give you more personal attention.
  2. Get to know YOU and your family needs better.
  3. Be more flexible with what type of home best fits you and where you want it.
  4. Allow you to be more creative and allows you to personalize your home more toward your personality

The Disadvantage will be that

  1. It will cost you more per square foot.
  2. It will take more time to build.
  3. It will take more of your time to make those decision necessary to make the home YOURS.

Now that you know what the advantage and disadvantage are, you should be able to make a more informed decision.


In summary, if all you want is a cheaper per square foot home,  and you really do not care about all those details . Than a Production Builder is who you want


But if you want more personal service, more creative control, and the ability to customize your home to your family’s needs?  Than a Custom Builder is the home builder you should be looking for. 


Look, both builders can be the right builder for you. It all depends on what is the most important to YOU.  Understand they strength and weakness and make a decision on which one is best for YOU.

But please do not make the mistake of expecting a builder to give you the best of both worlds because it can not happen. The cultural and the keys to they success restrict them from being both types of builders. 

Remember, greatness in is the details. It is those small details that will make the difference.

 Good luck building your new home.  If I can help you in anyway or answer question you may have about

·         building a new home

·         buying a new house

·         Selling your new home

·         Remodeling Your new home

Feel free to contact me. Thanks for visiting.

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