Posted 4 months ago

Pigeon Forge is Busting at the Seams

Over the past 2 years the secret has gotten out. Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg areas have exploded and the market prices went back to Historical highs. This was happening all over the country. Difference for here is this isn't new. 

Gatlinburg is one of the oldest running Short Term Vacation Rental markets in the world. My Mom's Mom was coming here when she was a little girl. I remember hearing stories' about their jeep mountain runs through the back woods to the best spot on the river with the most beautiful waterfalls. The whole family coming for the outlet shopping. 

Now there are tons  more visitors and traffic to contend with. BUT with more people comes more development and expansion. 

Target has purchased land to develop. Buc-ee's is currently in construction. New dinosaur heads and body parts have been seen off Wears Valley Parkway beside the Alpine Slide attraction. It's exploding.

So Time will tell where it all will lead. But at the core families come here and will keep coming.