Posted about 1 year ago

We’re Committed to Understanding the Industry—Not Just Our Investments

Working in senior housing means staying on top of major issues impacting the industry. Those issues are not always financial. The Fall 2018 Conference of the National Investment Center for Seniors Housing & Care (NIC) was held in Chicago, IL, October 17-19. Many of the issues we’ve been researching and writing about for the past few years were noted to be key takeaways from this year’s NIC conference. We are proud to serve as a thought leader not just for investing, but for the greater senior housing industry. The following are just a few stories and insights we’ve shared about NIC’s most talked about topics.

Staffing and Recruitment: This past spring, I shared a piece called, “Could Recruitment Strategy Be the Most Important Factor in Senior Housing Investment” on The DI Wire. The article focused on senior housing staffing as a key issue for operators to get right to ensure a solid investment. It also offered guidance on selecting operators who are facing staffing and recruitment head on.

Emergency Preparedness: Last winter, I shared tips with Senior Housing Forum on ways the senior housing sector could work to make senior housing communities safer for residents following Hurricane Irma.

Regional Investment: Through each of our eight funds to date, we have seen tremendous opportunity in supporting quality regional operators to open new communities where they are needed. In our experience, secondary and tertiary markets can be just as profitable as primary markets, often with less risk of over-saturation. We support investments in any viable market.

Operator Quality: We have long believed working with experienced operators is one of the most important elements in ensuring profitable senior housing investments. We’re not surprised to see that many smaller operators are consolidating after realizing the complex demands of the market. In this piece on SeekingAlpha, we discuss some of the top items to avoid in senior housing investment—including inexperienced operators.

Resident Programming: Aesthetics and amenities are important in every quality investment, but resident care is always our top goal. We’ve shared insights on depression, bullying, diversity, and other reasons quality housing alone is not enough to serve a growing aging population. These stories have been shared in publications such as MarketWatch, Changing Aging, Seniors Housing Business, Next Avenue, and Healthcare Business Today. “Three Questions You Didn’t Know To Ask Before Investing in Senior Housing” encourages other investors to take an interest in these issues, as well.

At Senior Living Fund, we look “beyond the building” when evaluating investments. If there are topics you’d like us to research and discuss further, please email us at [email protected]