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The Five Keys to Finding a Positive Influence in Your Life

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Ever since I started my career in the real estate sector, I have always wanted to be a positive influence in the lives of others. After all, it’s difficult to journey through life without having someone to motivate and inspire you towards greater success.

People have goals, and it’s these goals that enable them to make the most of their time in this life. Everyone has a purpose. It all depends on how you use your purpose in your goal to accomplish something great.

For that matter, you will need to introduce positivity in your life. In this sense, you will need someone who can serve as a positive influence. Such a person can motivate you to do better, allowing you to accomplish your goals faster.

Finding a positive influence is the first step in this journey of self-actualization. The road is paved with uncertainty, but you know for a fact that you can easily hurdle. Given enough support and inspiration, you can build your life based on what you really wanted.

The challenge, however, lies in finding someone who can be there to push you towards your goals. Let’s look at the five most important things to consider when finding someone who can influence your life positively.

1. Look towards your inner circle

Your inner circle is basically made up of the people who are closest to you. It can either be a family member or a best friend. Generally, the person who gives very valuable advice to you whenever you feel down. For sure, this is a person you would want to depend on for important nuggets of wisdom. So, look for someone in your family or circle of friends you can learn from.

2. Get a mentor at the workplace

The best thing about mentorship is that it allows your personality and attitude to grow. Not only will you learn new skills at the workplace, but having the right mentor can influence other aspects of life as well. 

Sure enough, the office is not just a place where you can clock in nine hours of work and go home feeling tired. It’s also a great avenue for getting help, especially when it comes to personal issues that affect your ability to work.

3. Find a teacher just about anywhere

Education, for me, does not just happen in the classroom. It also happens outside of it. Even though I graduated top of my class in engineering school, I still believe even to this day that there is still a lot that I don’t know. When I entered the world of multifamily, I knew I had to go through the process of learning all over again. 

Fortunately, aside from books and podcasts, I got along with many people who provided me with everything there is to know about the field. I met with a lot of teachers who I still contact and ask about very complicated things. One thing’s for sure, I feel fortunate that I get to meet with gurus and inspirational teachers to guide me throughout life.