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Five Ways to Develop Your Emotional Intelligence

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Emotional intelligence refers to the ability to express, manage, and understand one's own emotions and others'. This type of intelligence is basically learnable by everyone.

Even though cognitive intelligence is commonly a path to building oneself, emotional intelligence is said to be more important and influential to attaining success in the field of business and career. As an individual, it is part of our professional journey to assess other people’s emotions and react to them properly.

How we react to the situation is what matters. To improve or develop your emotional intelligence, here are the five vital ways.

Empathize with the people around you

Empathy is one of the soft skills that you need in life. Putting yourself in someone else's shoes makes you involved in their own situation. It helps you understand other people's feelings to relate and respond to their situation appropriately. Besides, it nourishes your connection with others and inflates your perspective.

Communicate effectively

Effective communication leads every situation to success. It does not only is conveying or exchanging of information but using of gestures, eye contact, and proper expressions. Communicating effectively can develop you emotionally by helping you handle conflicts, provide needs, enhance your listening skills, and more.

Recognize your stressors

Stress is inevitably part of life. There are a lot of possible causes that trigger stress. Some stress can be good, but it usually damages your well-being. The advantage of recognizing your stress is being aware of which situation and when you are at risk. Therefore, you will definitely know how to come up with it.

Connect with other people

Connecting with other people is accompanied by a lot of benefits. Tendencies are you reciprocate learnings, satisfaction, and needs. People naturally want to avoid the feeling of loneliness, anxiety, depression, and unwantedness. By connecting, you will develop and grow emotionally with other people.

Practice emotional management

Emotions are part of being a human. As we grow, we realize that there are emotional responses we possess that gets irrelevant to certain situations. In order to develop your emotional intelligence, you have to consider some factors to manage them. First, you have to figure out what kind of situation you are in. Second, shift your thought. Lastly, change your response.