Posted almost 3 years ago

Questions to Throw at Multifamily Tenants

Problems with tenants can be avoided with the right screening questions.

Screening allows you to judge whether a tenant can be allowed to live in your multifamily or not. Asking the proper questions lets you know your tenants better and profile them correctly. 

Let's take a look at some of these questions:

Why did you move here?

This question lets you know the reason why this potential tenant decided to move out of their previous residence and into your multifamily.

Be sure to watch for red flags in their answers. For all you know, they could have been evicted for arguing with a landlord or acquired a police record.

Problematic tenants with issues like these have been kicked out of their residence by their previous landlord. Chances are you’ll be doing the same in a month if you're not being careful.

How much is your monthly income?

Money is a personal matter, but you have to make sure that this tenant can afford the rent.

This question allows you to know just how much income they have to support themselves when they move in your multifamily.

It’s best for your building if you accept tenants who can support themselves and your multifamily property at the same time.

How many people are moving in with you?

Tenant screenings are usually done one-on-one, but one of your screening questions should include this.

Don’t exceed the number of people to be no more than two per bedroom in your multifamily property. Fire safety laws limit a certain amount of people to be living in a room or apartment as overcapacity puts your tenants and building at risk.

Are you bringing any pets?

A definitive deal-breaker for any tenant not willing to part with their animal companions.

If you have a strict “no pets” policy for your multifamily property, then it’s best to turn down this particular tenant and tell them to find another place to stay in. Chances are that no compromises can be made and everyone would best walk away without any argument.

On the flip side, however, if your multifamily property has no restrictions on bringing pets of any kind, then feel free to welcome your tenant with open arms if no other issues are present! They will appreciate you and your property all the more.

Accepting tenants is a tricky process, but a careful set of questions can prevent any problems that often end with an eviction.