Posted 6 months ago

How to Raise $1.5 Million Dollars: STOP USING BIG WORDS!

Psychologists say that the most successful, smartest people in the world only understand things at a 5th grade level.

5th Grade ExplanationHow to Explain Syndicated Apartments Like a 5th Grader

I don’t know if what psychologist say is true or not, but I do know this: a confused mind doesn’t make investment decisions.

A critical part of my journey to 1000 doors is to get investors. But there is ONE HUGE mistake most people make when they try to get investors. They think they have to prove how smart they are by using big words.

The reality is that the majority of accredited investors would be confused by words like IRR, pref, etc. Use the words if they use them. If not, just explain it like a 5th grader.

So I’ve had to develop the skill over time to take complicated concepts and break them down on a level of a 5th grader. To get some practice raising money, I sat down with my 5th grader to attempt to explain to him how value ad apartment investments work using something more relatable: lemonade stands.

What you have to explain, in laymen's terms is:

1) What the most profitable apartment investment looks like.

2) How you can FORCE the value of an investment up by millions of dollars by making NOI adjustments against the CAP RATE (and you’ll learn what that means)

3) How deals are structured

4) Why this ONE kind of apartment investment will get your money back asap.

Tomorrow, I leave for Chicago to do some due diligence on a 50 unit apartment complex we just got under contract…I’m excited to tell you about that later…