Posted 4 months ago

Use a 1% Commission Realtor to Sell Your House and Save Thousands

Do you know that you can save thousands of dollars by enlisting the services of a 1% commission realtor to sell your home? You don’t need to spend thousands extra in commissions using the services of other brokers that will charge you as much as 6% in commission to sell your house.

Why you need a 1% commission realtor to sell your house

There are some people that feel that they can sell their houses themselves without using the services of any broker or real estate agent in order to save on the typical real estate commission. They think they are saving money doing FSBO, but in the reality, they may end up losing a lot more than they save. They might save on commissions, but they might incur several liabilities from cumbersome paperwork, or get less selling the property than they could have.

You can still save the 3-5% that you would have spent on typical 6% realtor by using a 1% realtor. Before you make the decision not to use the service of a realtor, ask yourself these questions.

  • 1.Can I or do I want to screen potential buyers myself?
  • 2.Will I be able to handle all legal requirements and paperwork involved?
  • 3.Will I still have to work with buyers that have their own agents?
  • 4.Can I take charge of the selling responsibilities and marketing responsibilities?
  • 5.Do I know the right value of my house in the real estate market today?

If you can honestly answer ‘yes’ to all the questions above, you may not need a real estate agent to help you sell your home and maybe FSBO will work out for you. But you will still want to at least have the services of a lawyer to protect you through the transaction. Some FSBO do not get the maximum value for their house when they sell it. They get less than what they should have gotten due to not understand the market and selling process. Sometimes, their house could take a long time to sell due to bad marketing.

Using the services of an realtor to sell your house will provide a lot of benefits for you. You won’t have to spend time coordinating the selling process, and you won’t need to manage every aspect of the sales process. Everything will be done for you. If the high commission fees are discouraging you, then you should consider using a 1% commission realtor. More and more people are discovering how beneficial 1% agents are. You can do the same and get the best value when selling your home.

Benefits of Using a 1% Realtor

Let’s look at an example. If you want to sell a house for $100,000. A 1% listing fee for the house is $1000 and a 6% listing is $6000. So, if you use a 1% realtor, you get to save $5000 that would have gone to commissions. You would even save more when selling a house for a higher price if you use a 1% real estate agent.

1% commission is usually the lowest offer you can get in almost every location irrespective of the selling price of the house. Statistics from the National Association of Realtors reveal that the median price of a home in the United States is $234, 200. This means that the average American homeowner would save $11,710 from the sale of their homes if they used a 1% realtor instead a 6% real estate agent.

Here are some benefits of using a 1% realtor:

  • 1.A real estate agent will help you make negotiations between you, the buyer and the agent of the buyer.
  • 2.Agents know a lot of things that the average homeowner do not know. Agents have experience in selling homes, and they bring their wealth of experience with them when you enlist their services. They understand all the documents and can explain everything clearly for you.
  • 3.Real estate agents will fast-track the sales process and iron out any kinks.
  • 4.Agents know several channels for marketing homes. They know that their commission depends on the sales price, so they will do all they can to get you a high sales price and fetch you more money. They know the channels that will fetch you a higher sales price.

A 1% commission realtor will provide you with all the benefits listed above while still saving you a lot of money. You get to sell your home at a higher price, and you still save a lot of time and money. Using the services of a 1% commission realtor is a no-brainer.


If you use a 5-6% real estate agent, you will spend more on real estate commissions. And the services you will get from them is similar to what you will get from a 1% commission realtor. 6% realtors might say a lot about how special they are and what you stand to gain by working with them, but a 1% commission will offer you all that too.

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