The True Definition of a Landlord with Al Williamson

Thursday, July 11

Al Williamson began investing in real estate in 1996 and publicly documented his journey to creating a passive income stream.

Buying Real Estate Without Banks with Zach Beach

Wednesday, July 10

Zach Beach jumped into real estate at age 25, knowing absolutely nothing, and has now completed over 100 deals and controls around $25 million of real estate with little to no money down and no banks involved. 

Transforming a City Through Real Estate Investing with Brent Maxwell

Tuesday, July 09

Brent Maxwell is a Detroit real estate developer who’s committed to helping the city’s transformation through buying, rehabbing, renting, and selling investment grade real estate.

A Canadian Investing in USA Real Estate with Glen Sutherland

Monday, July 08

Glen Sutherland is a Canadian living in Ontario who invests in the USA for lower property taxes, more favorable landlord laws, and lower purchase prices. He’s an armchair investor who can turn a property around without ever seeing it, from the comfort of his home.

1/2 Billion Dollars of Real Estate Investments with John Bogdasarian

Friday, July 05

John Bogdasarian started in residential real estate sales in 1996 before transitioning to investing. His company serves almost 400 investors and has been involved in half a billion dollars of real estate assets.

From the NHL, to Flipping, to Multifamily Real Estate Investing

Thursday, July 04

Ashley and Kyle Wilson have almost 20 years of real estate investing experience, and have bought and sold over $40 million of real estate in the past five years, in addition to $5 million of renovations.