Posted 3 months ago

Get Rich Buying Properties from Thanksgiving to New Years Eve

Many investors are self employed (hey, that's the ultimate goal, right?)  As a result, a lot of them decide to relax and enjoy family during the holiday period.

While certainly, investors  have earned the mental and physical break.  Walking in leaky basements, arguing with inept contractors, and fighting the bureaucracy can be very tiring!  

However, taking a month off is leaving money on the table.  The relative dearth of buyer competition opens up the door of opportunity for you!  Don't kick back, kick butt.

Now is the time to find deals, even on the MLS,  Let your wholesale network know you have cash and want to make deals in December.  Check out Craigs List.  All the usual sources.  You may find you can find one or two deals your competition is sleeping on.

Best of luck hope Santa leaves you a great property in your stocking.  After New Years, take off Hangover Day (Jan 1), Martin Luther Kings Birthday, and of course, National Fruitcake Toss Day (Jan 3).  

Cheers Investors!