Posted 7 months ago

Have you seen a rainbow before?

Real estate investing success doesn't happen over night that's the first thing biggerpockets teaches you that, that's what I love about this site its honest and upfront with full of knowledge and tools.

In my quest to get my first deal done which I am very close by the way has not been the easiest path but it will be the most rewarding Im sure of it. Had a rough week this week no calls from agents a few no's from a few for sale by owner for a few potiental wholesale deals or lease options, Life in general and not to mention my full time job and everything that comes with that. I needed a stress reliver so I took my kids swimming they loving swimming. 

As Im playing with my youngest daughter who"s 6 in the kiddie pool another 6 year old approaches my daughter and they started to play. The other 6 year old asked my daughter how old she was and when my daughters birthday was.  I had an compression sock on my leg because of a spider bite so the 6 year old asked me if she could see my scar I said sure. I showed her and she said eewwww was it a big spider? I said no it was a little one. she asked me if I was sure it was a little spider I smiled and said yes. I asked what her what her favorite colors were and proceeded to tell me. Then she added she has seen a rainbow before I said that's cool. she asked me if I've  ever seen one  I said yeah as I smiled real big, I told her I see them all the time then she said Really what color was it. I said all the types of colors. she was amazed I told her if she can remember after it rains look out the window or go in your backyard etc she will find em too she said ok and was excited. This moment with this 6yr old changed my attitude and perspective on life.

Us as adults sometimes lose grips with the simple things in life we need to be grateful for the things we have instead of the things we don't have. In Real Estate the rain will come appraisal not coming in  like you expected, Bad contractors, partners backing out last min, etc.... But we have to remember the rainbow at the end of it all, the rainbow is changing peoples life helping out in any way a good investor can. I haven't done my first deal yet but Im sure im close the rain is bout over for me Im looking for a rainbow