Posted 19 days ago

Keep it simple for marketing

Sometimes we over think things and research for days looking for the newest and latest avenue to accomplish a task. This is fine as well as smart to look for new avenues, but in the meantime get the ball rolling. I have been wondering the best route of marketing a home for rent, and posted in a forum of landlords asking if there are any new online portals I should be posting my rental property on. Someone mentioned a few routes, but also mentioned the basic putting the sign in the yard. So the starting point should have been placing a sign in the yard while I looked for any new avenues.

Luckily, I had not put my real estate sign away from the sale and it was leaning up against the home. Someone called the number just in case the house happened to be for rent. So my quickest avenue was a a for sale sign in the yard. If I had put a FOR RENT sign in the yard weeks ago I would likely have a few potential tenants by now. So always remember the simplest route can also often be the best.