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Posted over 13 years ago

Moving With Kids

When moving with kids, below are some quick tips for before, during, and after the move.  The smoother the transition, the quicker your kids will adjust and accept the new home and community.

2952Before the Move

Communicate with your kids.  Tell them why, how, when, and where you are moving.  They will be anxious so help alleviate their concerns and fears by talking them through the process.    

Get them involved.  Let them sort their own stuff, clean their room, prepare signs for a yard sale, and even mark the boxes that will go in their room.

Provide information about the new community to spark their interest (i.e. parks, sports, school/community programs, etc.).

Let them prepare a list of the features their new room could have.  If feasible/practical, take them with you on the house hunting trip.      

2955During the Move

Have them prepare a survival kit for the first few days in the new home (i.e. snacks, toys/books/IPod, etc.).

Let them assist with the unpacking and give them a say in how their room will be arranged.  If you plan to paint, or change the décor, let them choose their new style. 

If you have pets, put them in charge of making sure the pets are cared for.

An alternative is to find something else for them to do since moving day can be very stressful.  Let them spend time with their friends, visit a relative, go to an amusement park, or just hangout.  Their stress will be lower which will help you stay calm too.

After the Move

Resume daily routines as quickly as possible.  This is the easiest way to get your kids re-adjusted and accepting their new surroundings.    

Plan a welcome party or tradition for the new home.  Give ownership by putting the kids in charge of a specific party/tradition detail.  If you have a party, introduce your children to all the kids that arrive to break the ice.

Explore the area together.  Find out where the police/fire department, school, park, playground, etc. are located. 

Show them around their new school.  If they walk to school, walk the route with them so they are comfortable with the directions.

Find after-school activities that will give them confidence and encourage them to make new friends.

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